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Since 1992 High Art develops aesthetic touches on all of its projects, which makes these projects distinctive and unmistakable for more than 200 residential, commercial, entertaining and administrative projects.

Because we know that in light of competition prevailing the only way for any company to continue is to be distinct, therefore the philosophy of High Art is the head start. Not only the competitors but to be proactive in meeting the needs of our customers and their dreams and to get to this we harness all our potential and our extensive experience in the field of construction and reconstruction to ensure achieving the dreams of our customers. Our success lies in our focus directed only to the customer throughout the years of our work, and our experience has always been that the customer is our main partner and his satisfaction leads our continuity.

We have worked over the selection of our projects carefully in terms of outstanding architectural taste and optimal use of raw materials and spaces in a competitive price, which allows our customers flexibility of thought and the suitable choice.

Creativity, accuracy, and teamwork were the Keywords that leaded High Art to success.


High Art


To target large, nationally significant and technically complex construction projects in Egypt.

To be a single solution provider to our clients offering urban and planning studies, architectural and interior designs, and construction services at international quality standards.


As a construction company, we aspire to be recognized as the trusted partner of choice for our clients, looking for first class design and construction services in Egypt.


As one of Egypt’s construction pioneers, We have a strong reputation for reliability and for delivering in ‘tough times’. As a result, our business today centers on strong and long-term partnerships with local and international clients.